10-12-2007: 300 Beijing Hotels Reject Disposable Chopstick

More than 300 hotels in Beijing have joined in a significant campaign called "Preserve Forests and Say No to Disposable Chopsticks" jointly launched by Greenpeace and several domestic consumer websites to stop the use of the disposable chopsticks.

Ma Lichao, director of Greenpeace's forest program, tells local media that they hope the campaign can make people conscious of the environmental crises and offer restaurants and consumers chances to participate in and supervise themselves in reducing the use of disposable chopsticks in an effort to save forests. According to Ma, more than 300 restaurants and hotels in Beijing have joined in the alliance and promised to stop the use of this food utensil that is unfriendly to the environment.

The organizers of the campaign say that their goal is to encourage 2000 hotels to join them and persuade the restaurants to change their ideas in the use of disposable chopsticks.

However, some citizens and restaurateurs believe that it is hard to change people's habit in using disposable chopsticks due to their sanitatary features and convenience.


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