Why Better?

Why are WheatwareBiodegradables Better
"One less disposable plastic import, one more American Job"
     Safe Natural Ingredients:
  • made from surplus wheat
  • crop-based, sustainable, renewable resource
  • 100% compostable ingredients (ASTM D6400-04)
     Better Quality:
  • strong, rigid, heat resistant (212°F) and durable

     Better Cost:

  • competitively-priced compared to equivalent quality

     Better for Environment:

  • tree-free to save ancient forests
  • reduces reliance on oil-derived plastic 
  • less plastic pollution on our streets, landfills and oceans 

     Better for our Economy:

  • made in USA, creates new product export 
  • adds new markets for US Farmers and America 
  • adds new 21st Century green manufacturing jobs
  • adds new green recycling/manufacturing industry potential

     Better for our Kids Future:

  • helps ensure healthier environment
  • expands new "green collar" jobs and new green economy

 WheatwareBiodegradables…simply better!
             66¢ to Green Your Home?


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