Live Reporting from LIVE EARTH - NYC

10:23 pm EDT | NYC

Police closing the house down to a historic day around the world. Thank you all for tuning into!


9:06 pm EDT | NYC

Bon Jovi came and rocked the house. Smashing Pumpkins now performing.


8:22 pm EDT | NYC

Cameron Diaz, "Today is about making better choices to Save Ourselves. Take the 7 point pledge." She then went on to introduce Al Gore, who introduced Jon Bon Jovi to a roaring crowd.


8:15 pm EDT | NYC

Robert Kennedy Jr. said to cheers of stadium we can have environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. Simple steps can reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Use your political vote to tell politicians they must change direction of our country.


7:54 pm EDT | NYC

Actress Rosario Dawson just pledged and asked everyone to pledge #7 and only buy from sustainable companies.


7:46 pm EDT | NYC

Jamming backstage telling a politician these are great replacements to wood drumsticks


7:45 pm EDT | NYC

Backstage security for dressing rooms confirmed Wheatware™ packages reached musicians. Drummers diggin the drumsticks saying THEY WORK AS WELL AS WOOD ONES.


7:24 pm EDT | NYC

Kelly Clarkson performs after a very powerful message from dozens of children about what the environmental problems are and what we all can do about it


7:09 pm EDT | NYC

CBS news wants to do a story on Wheatware™ and the Japan chopstick crisis coming in 2008


7:04 pm EDT | NYC

Picture from outside the event:
Live Earth 5


6:52 pm EDT | NYC

Dave Mathews Band is introduced by Rachel Weiss and the crowd went wild


6:49 pm EDT | NYC

VP of Business Development was interviewed by People Magazine discussing the Wheatware™ donations to the Live Earth event of WheatwareMusic™ products


6:45 pm EDT | NYC

Dr. Jane Goodall is introduced by Rachel Weiss and brings greetings from the chimpanzees in Africa. Dr. Goodall discusses the effects of deforestation on the chimps and other species.


6:37 pm EDT | NYC

Stunning performance by Alicia Keys as she says it is an incredible opportunity to have so many people on one stage for an incredible event


6:18 pm EDT | NYC

Randy Jackson from American Idol introduces Alicia Keys


6:12 pm EDT | NYC

Al Gore calls for everyone to sign Live Earth 7 point pledge. One of the pledges inclues to plant trees and save forests


6:11 pm EDT | NYC

Melissa Ethridge re-introduces Al Gore


6:04 pm EDT | NYC

Melissa Ethridge giving empowering words throughout her songs for change, freedom, and the American Dream, speaking the truth and making the difference now.


5:45 pm EDT | NYC

Kevin Bacon discusses the effects of a climate increase of 6° and introduces Melisa Ethridge


5:26 pm EDT | NYC

John Mayer playing popular song "Gravity"


5:15 pm EDT | NYC

John Mayer has just taken the stage


5:13 pm EDT | NYC

Madonna is now being broadcast on the big screens at the NYC event from her concert in London. She is singing her song writien for Live Earth


4:54 pm EDT | NYC

Akon energizes the crowd with his performance and Wheatware™ staff wearing T-Shirts promoting the Wheatware™ brand.
Live Earth 4


4:30 pm EDT | NYC

David de Rothchild introduces band Fall Out Boy after describing his trip across the Arctic. He also announced the release of his book that will donate all of its proceeds to Live Earth.


3:50 pm EDT | NYC

Rapper Ludacris calls for all to Stand Up to end global warming. Crowd errupted!


3:40 pm EDT | NYC

After Keith Urban performance, the crowd at Giant's Stadium watched band playing from Antartica on big screens. The crowd roared in appreciation of saving penguin habitat from melting.


3:34 pm EDT | NYC

Drummer for Keith Urban band received a set of WheatwareMusic™ Drumsticks for use in todays event.


3:25 pm EDT | NYC

Live picture from Live Earth NYC


3:21 pm EDT | NYC

Al Gore introduces Keith Urban, who performs with Alica Keys.


3:15 pm EDT | NYC

Al Gore was introduced by Leonardo DiCaprio.


3:05 pm EDT | NYC

KT Tunstall just wrapped up her performance and Leonardo DiCaprio gave statistics on Global Warming. Planet can be saved for our future generation.


2:00 pm EDT - NYC

Live from Giant Stadium awaiting start of concert, Wheatware™ has been interviewed by tv and radio stations including Danish BNN, Fairgrounds across the country want to carry Wheatware™ products. Wheatware™ was given a booth to demonstrate there products and to give away promotional affinity cards. There is massive attendance at the event.


Wheatware™ received a phone call from Seven-Star Events at Live Earth in Shanghai, China where a band was just filmed playing with Wheatware™ drumsticks - loved them!


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