7-26-07: Wheatware™ Making Music Biodegradable

Another Step Forward Toward "Carbon Neutral" Events


LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jul 26, 2007 On the evening of July 19th, BPM Music Magazine partnered with Microsoft's "Project Greenhouse" to turn its celebrity filled anniversary event from red-carpet to green-carpet. The trend-setting BPM "green" event at the Avalon Theater, moved music events another step forward -- towards "Carbon Neutral." One of the greenest products there was Wheatware™, an evolution in crop-based products. The Ford VIP gift bag made people "green" with envy, seeing the™ products inside.

At this celebrity filled event, stars like Paris Hilton and actor Ryan Phillippe, were greeted by paparazzi, as they walked down the green carpet, passing a more carbon neutral Ford Hybrid Escape. Meanwhile, the Hollywood crowd of over 2,500 celebrities, VIPs and music attendees reveled to blasting dance hits played by DJs in the party-like atmosphere.

Off the dance floor, party-goers learned about the need for going "Carbon Neutral," talking to volunteers from environmental organizations, like (planted 50 million trees in 58 countries), (ecorestoration firm offering carbon offsets through ocean plankton renewal), and Algalita Marine Research Foundation, calling attention to synthetic wastelands expanding in our oceans ( and (empowering a green youth movement).

Wheatware MusicGreen product companies like™, provided products inside the Ford Motor Company Celebrity VIP Gift bags. These crop-based products are strong, durable, heat resistant yet compostable. They ranged from hard-hitting drumsticks to light guitar picks and fashionable clothes-hangers, all capable of biodegrading in 90 days. Also in the gift bags were stylish Wheatware™ flatware and elegant Japanese-styled chopsticks, where 75% of plastic was replaced with wheat, thereby reducing reliance on carbon-based petroleum by 75%.

The™ products also have a mission behind them... to save millions of virgin forest trees lost annually due to disposable wood products. The "Great Switch-Out™ from Wood to Wheat" campaign was launched this month at the Live Earth Concerts on 5 continents on 7-7-07. Our forests are being chopped down for products such as wood clothes-hangers, drumsticks, cardboard products and Japanese-styled chopsticks. The planet is rapidly losing its air-conditioning system, virgin forests, at a time when these virgin forests are needed.

Can Wheatware™ really save our forests? Statistics show that Japan uses 25 billion pairs of wood disposable chopsticks each year, and in the USA, over 100,000 pairs of wood drumsticks are manufactured weekly. While replacing these huge volumes of products is a daunting task, Wheatware™ says it's up for the challenge.

"Made exclusively in America, the manufacturing capacity has increased ten fold, and our current products are just the beginning at™," says Vice-President Daniel O'Hara. "We envision thousands of products over time."

"Now, we are giving millions of people who took Live Earth's 7 point pledge, the ability to keep their promises. To preserve and protect forests is Live Earth Pledge #6, and #7 is buying from businesses who are helping to solve the climate crisis. Therefore, with buying Wheatware™ wood replacement products, two of the 7 Live Earth pledges are addressed. After the Live Earth Concerts, product purchases at™ have risen dramatically, and investment into the company has risen four-fold. It's been exciting!"

The headliner band, "Moving Units," was presented with Wheatware™ Drumsticks and Guitar Picks to play more organically, while, Microsoft's incubator of technology Project Greenhouse, was at the scene recording and documenting steps being made towards producing a "Carbon Neutral Event."

Press coverage included LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, People, Life & Style, OK! Magazine, and G Living Network.

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