Eco Mission

Mission’s mission is to offer the finest crop-based compostable products available, thereby saving forests for future generations. 

A sustainable society needs eco-consumer goods made from annually renewable crop resources.
Wheatware products represents a crop-based evolution for human kind.
Today we now offer a comprehensive collection of eco-solutions for food service, home and office, to hotels, restaurants, governments, NPOs, NGOs, schools, the public, and 

Our Crop based Products offers tree-free and plastic-free products. Made from wheat, sugar cane, bamboo and corn, by purchasing these crop-derived products you help to save millions of ancient forest trees and their precious habitat.

Habitat in Peril
Habitat containing millions of species are being destroyed and perishing everyday.
Never to return.
Our forests also act as air conditioning systems for our planet. With each forest lost, Earth's capacity to cool itself is diminished, quickening climate change.

Current Products Make A Difference
If our current forest-saving products were used as replacements, including our chopsticks, clothes hangers, cardboard drink coasters, tree-free paper plates  and bowls, tree-free toilet paper and facial tissue, golf tees and drumsticks,  when combined, over 400 million forest trees per year could be saved from  destruction from permanent “clearcutting” (see deforestation).
Over 4 billion trees over the next ten years! 
So, thank you for buying our products at … make a difference.

Building a Sustainable Society
Also, your purchases allows funding the building of new tree-free alternative products to accelerate fulfillment of the mission. 

So, tell a friend, spread the word quickly, about ... 


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