Your Importance

You can make a difference for the care and protection of our planet. By purchasing our products, our customers receive the finest quality bioresin products and help save forests, our resources and preserve our children’s future. Wheatware™ and Cornware™ products open up a world of new earth-friendly eco-products.

You can help save forests:

Each purchase of our tree-free products reduces deforestation. You can help save our forests, one Wheatware™ product at a time.

Our Wheatware™ disposable and re-usable chopsticks offer an alternative for wooden disposable chopsticks and along with other wood replacement products at the Shop Online site. Buying Wheatware™ products is important because according to the World Resources Institute (WRI) only 40% of the world's remaining forests are large and intact. By buying Wheatware™ products that are wood replacements, you are helping to save forests.

You can help save species around the globe:

Each forest houses a precious habitat of creatures. The World Conservation Union (WCU) reports that nearly half of the 240 known primates (monkeys) are threatened with extinction.

Each year up to 40 million virgin, forest trees are clear-cut for single use, disposable wooden chopsticks. This environmental devastation has caused China to enact ever-increasing taxation on wooden chopsticks, in an attempt to lower consumption. Yet, consumption continues to rise, accelerating encroachment on forests and loss of species. A replacement to disposable wooden chopsticks is needed now and Wheatware™ Chopsticks are here, to help keep the Earth's forests intact, while still allowing people to enjoy eating with chopsticks, made from wheat. Enjoy buying and using Wheatware™ Chopsticks, help save the forests, and thus YOU are also helping to save species around the globe.

You can help save lives and money:

In most scientific communities, it is widely known that virgin forests act as an air conditioning system for the Earth. With global temperatures increasing, we need to be aware of the importance of forests and their ability to reduce temperatures. If the Greenland ice sheets, for example, were to melt due to rising temperatures, sea levels world-wide are predicted to rise by 7 meters (23 feet). Many island nations and even major cities globally would be at risk. For years scientists have predicted that warmer global temperatures will drive tropical storm systems, leading to more frequent and more destructive storms. In 2004, Japan experienced a record 10 typhoons (hurricanes) that collectively caused $10 billion worth of losses. Hurricanes hitting the USA have increased, including Hurricane Katrina, which caused massive losses beyond $200 billion. The time is now to use tree-free products, and retain our precious remaining virgin forests, the air-conditioning system of our planet. Keeping the planet cool will help save lives and a lot of taxpayer money.


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