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Wheatware: MADE IN USA. Earth-friendly, plastic-free products, made from compostable crop-based ingredients (ASTM D6400-04) such as wheat, corn and straw.  Wheatware™ is a type of product proven to be heat-resistant (212° F), strong, durable, re-washable, re-usable, disposable, compostable, bio-recyclable (can be re-manufactured into other Wheatware™ products).

Wheatware USA, Inc. manufactures in the USA exclusive, wheat-based replacements to disposable plastic/wood products. Instead of filling up our landfills, streets and oceans with plastic, Wheatware composts in 90 days into earth friendly fertilizer, or can be reused, then remanufactured into further Wheatware products. A sustainable green USA alternative to plastic and wood disposable products. 

Now in 2011, price comparable to plastic, and it’s made in the USA: one less piece of plastic, one less disposable Chinese import, one more American Job!
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Why Wheatware Chopsticks?
PROBLEM #1: Forests Gone?
Deforestation from Chopsticks, 3,000 acres of tropical forest destroyed per month.
Are we losing, everyday, wild creatures, their forest habitat and their natural food chain, forever?

PROBLEM #2: Toxic Bamboo Chopsticks?
Are many of the disposable bamboo chopsticks actually toxic?
PROBLEM #3: Oceans as floating landfills?
Is there a vast swath of the Pacific, twice the size of Texas, with floating plastic, degrading toxins into the marine food chain?

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